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UNISON National Executive Council elections 2021

The candidates and their seats are listed below, together with their nominations:

Black Members – vote for 2 Female, 1 Male, 1 reserved low paid seat    
Black Members Gen April Ashley
Black Members Female  Nimisha Travedi Manjula Kumari Elizabeth Cameron
Black Members Male Hugo Pierre
Black Members Low paid  Julia Mwaluke
Black Members Reserved   Abiola Kusoro

Community – vote for 1 General, 1 Female seat    
Community Gen Kevin Jackson  John Gray
Community Female  Saoirse Fanning Denise Thomas
Community Male

Health – vote for 1 General, 2 Female, 1 Male seat  
Health Gen Joe Hale James Anthony
Health Female Claire Dixon  Sue Edwards  Michelle England Pat Heron
Health Male  Kevin Corran Gordon McKay

Young Members – vote for 1 General, 1 Female seat    
Young Members Gen Jess McGuire  Kiera Hilder  Jamie Dickenson
Young Members Female  Lilly Boulby
Young Members Male

Disabled members – vote for 1 General/1 Female seat    
Disabled Gen  Angela Hamilton Sharron Nicoll David Maples
Disabled Female  Neelo Farr Paula Carlyle Katrina Murray
Disabled Male

Local Government – vote for 1 General/1 Female/1 Male seat    
Local Gov Gen Diana Leach James Minto
Local Gov Female  Emma Garson Jane Doolan Andrea Egan Sarah Feeney Janet Green
Local Gov Male  Sean Fox  Paul Holmes

South West  – vote for 1 Female/1 Male/1 reserved Low paid seat 
South West Gen
South West Female  Ali Evans Danielle Hetherington-Parker Becky Brookman
South West Low Paid  Jessica Powell
South West Male Mark Wareham Kevin Treweeks

Abiola Kusoro Alison Evans Angela Hamilton April Ashley Becky Brookman Danielle Hetherington Parker David Maples Denise Thomas and John Gray Elizabeth Cameron Emma Garson Gordon McKay Hugo Pierre James Anthony James Minto Jamie Dickinson Janet Green Jess Powell Katrina Murray Kevin Treweeks Kiera Hilder Lilly Boulby Maniula Kumari Mark Wareham Michelle England NEC NOMINATION FORM NEC NOMINATION REQUEST NEC Nominations Neelo Farr Nimisha Trivedi Pat Heron Paul Holmes, Diana Leach, Jane Doolan, Andrea Egan Paula Carlyle Sarah Feeney Sharron Nicoll

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