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Burma Campaign UK


A message from our friends at the Burma Campaign

As Christmas approaches there are almost 230 political prisoners in jail in Burma. They won’t be able to spend Christmas in their own home with their families. Many of them were arrested simply for peacefully protesting, or making jokes about the military.

Burma’s jails are overcrowded and a dangerous place to be during the Covid-19 pandemic. Political prisoners should not be in jail in the first place, and now face even more danger because of the pandemic.

At the same time as campaigning for their release, we can do something else to help political prisoners. Please add a political prisoner to your Christmas card list. Political prisoners have told us how much it means to receive a card from someone in another country, knowing that someone cares and the world has not forgotten what is going on in Burma.

Please send a card to a political prisoner to let them know that they are not forgotten this Christmas. You could also share this with your friends.

Details of political prisoner cases and addresses you can write to are attached and you can also download the briefing here:

Download a list of political prisoner cases and the addresses to write to here. <https://burmacampaign.org.uk/media/Christmas-Card-Briefing-2020.pdf>

Thank you for your support.